Our Origin Story

Pasyon Packs has its origin as a vision to create a social business and multifunctional packs to support people bringing their passions for work, play and travel. We believe when people are passionate about something, that passion helps them strive to excellence in whatever activity they embark upon.  Social business is defined as a business with specific social objectives that serve its primary purpose.

Pasyon Packs specific social objective is to partner and support non-profit disaster relief organizations with resources and awareness. Disasters can shake a community but working together as a local and global community we can have a greater and faster impact on recovery.

In 2021, we launched a Kickstarter to accelerate the Pasyon Packs vision forward. With the support of family, friends, and the community, the campaign achieved its goal.  We were able to add features and update the design of the pack. We launched pasyonpacks.com in 2022 and are moving this journey forward!

PASYON is the Creole word for PASSION. Creole are special languages created by the exchange of languages from different parts of the world.  We believe that by forming partnerships from different parts of the world and with passion, we can also create something special.


- Community

- Work, Play, Exploration

- Environmental sustainability

- Local and Global Impact

- Kaizen or continuous improvement